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At Varista, our top priority is our customers. And, we want you to know that at this difficult time, we thank you for relying on us as your partner.

Varista ComTech

Be virtually everywhere without going anywhere!

Varista is anglicised from an Indian Sanskrit word - variSTha, which means "Excellence" or "The Very Best". As a specialist video conferencing and remote work company it embodies our mission and values to deliver the best of these technologies to everyone.

Varista ComTech

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Video Conference

If its video conferencing hire you need, you've come to the right place. You can book an event, group call or video room with us. We provide all the technical support and assistance to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for you.

We specialise in international video conferences especially where there are significant time differences. We connect our customers in a professional, safe and secure corporate environment 24/7.

We are completely flexible and work with any audiovisual companies, event organisers, conference venues and hotels. With your event we simply become part of the team focused on your goals.

If you would like to use our expertise and equipment to demonstrate the video conferencing concept and related services like virtual meeting rooms. Please request a quote to book us for a product demonstration. Proof of Concept (PoC) sessions can be purchased as a once off event or a bundle depending on your requirements.

Please contact us with your webcast, webinar and podcast enquiries as well and we'll ensure that wherever you need to be, you'll virtually be there!

Cloud Collaboration Products

Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)

A virtual meeting room (VMR) is your boardroom in the Cloud. An off premise service available to anyone who wants to connect multiple participants into the same video call. All calls connect securely from computers, room systems, smartphones, tablets and telephone (audio only).

We have flexible monthly plans as well as once-off hire rooms. Save on expensive phone bills by using data for your teleconference calls. If you have uncapped data then your call is free. Chat for longer without the stress of hefty phone bills. Huge savings on international calls.

We connect calls on various platforms from Microsoft Teams to Pexip and Zoom.

Hire a private and secure vmr for your next group call and connect up to 25 participants into the same call. Free pc app available for download.

Julie Web Design

Ju.Mi Web Services

Nobody likes a slow website. Nobody wants an expensive website. JuMi is the answer. We have fast loading, fully responsive (device screen adaptive), optimised HTML web sites (like this one) for everyone.

We provide domain name registration, hosting, website coding, content assist (text and images), social media and eCommerce options with monthly site maintenance plans. Some services are once-off payments while others are subscription renewals. If this is your first website, we have the best prices and fast turnaround to get you online without delay.

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Video Conferences: All Hours
Video Boardrooms: As Per Request
Zoom Webinars: As Per Request
Phone: 0829278144
Address: Pinelands, Cape Town

Please feel free to contact us directly for boardroom hire enquiries.

Customer Feedback

Every video conference is a story about how we met someone who needed vc and the success of our shared experience. No story is too big or too small, at Varista we connect them all.

Video Conference Pricing

If you think a specialist is expensive, would you leave your event in the hands of an amateur? Even though we specialise in video conferencing and its related services, you will find our prices are very reasonable. Our prices reflect our standards with a hint of access and a dash of discount (especially for loyal customers and NPOs). Our expertise and leading equipment produces highly successful video calls for our clients which they would agree is the best return for their investment.

Please request a quote when making an enquiry. Standard industry conferencing Terms and Conditions apply to all products and services.

Below prices are a guide and do not include specials, add-ons or support services.

VC EventsPriceBilledTime
HourlyFirst R2,750 Then R750Per HourConsecutive
Half DayFrom R4,995Per 4 HoursConsecutive
Full Day From R7,9958am - 5pmOffice Hours
VC Room Hire   
Office HoursFrom R750Per HourSA
After hoursFrom R1,495Per Hour5pm-7/6-8am
Late HoursAs Per Quote  
Live StreamAs Per QuotePer SessionAs Applies
Live Web Stream, Webinar, Webcast

Web Stream | Webcast | Webinar

Our Live Web Stream gives you the ability to turn any virtual meeting room into a streamable meeting room capable of broadcasting to up to 10,000 viewers.

Live streams are launched with a single click by the event moderator, and viewers are able to join from any location, browser or device without having to download any special apps or plug-ins.

After the live event is over, you even have the ability to share a link to the hosted recording to anyone unable to make the live event.

Enable unlimited simultaneous events with up to 10,000 viewers and 25 video-enabled sites per event.Deliver professional broadcast streaming quality through a High Definition camera.Easily monitor and report on utilisation, attendance and Q&A transcript from an admin console.Automatically generate an invitation link for viewers and set viewing permissions (public, private, group-only).Record and share both video and content or build a personal video library.