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This is what we do, for ourselves and for you. Our success rate is true from the old to the new be it for many or a few. Contact us today so we can help you find a way to meet and collaborate on any day or specific date.


Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is a meeting that combines a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component. The hybrid call connects the in-room delegates to the online attendees as if they were in the same venue with live video, audio and content (presentation) sharing.


Live Streaming

A live streamed event is an internet broadcast of that event, while it is happening. To live stream we use professional software that allows an online audience to see and hear the meeting activities. A live stream is an outgoing connection with only basic chat options for the online attendees.


Audiovisual Hire

Sometimes all you need is the audiovisual equipment to optimise your meeting experience. We provide professional audio visual equipment for hybrid meetings, live streams and in-person conferences. These include data projectors, wireless microphones, speakers, cameras and more.

Our Process



  • Discuss event requirements
  • Identify hardware requirements
  • Choose virtual platform
  • Venue assessment


  • Clarify requirements
  • Propose technical solution
  • Submit official quote

Test Call

  • Client accepts quote
  • Payment is processed
  • Conduct test call and dry run 

Live Event

  • Audiovisual equipment setup and test for live event requirements
  • Connect hybrid participants
  • Go Live!

Corporate Audiovisual
Equipment Hire

We have a range of audiovisual equipment and electronic media devices for meetings of all sizes that includes both an audio (sound) and a video (visual) component.


Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum 2020
“The first time our conference went 100% virtual in 2020 we contacted Reza who managed the 20 Zoom webinars (back to back) over the 2 day conference without any problems”
Tech Savvy
Thanks Reza for what was an enjoyable and productive Zoom meeting at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Superb venue!! See you next year.
bubble, comment, cloud-2244298.jpg
Project Lead
Worldwide Leadership Community
Thank You!
The web stream was great - I like the very fast internet. Your team was amazing and so glad we chose the venue you recommended.
bubble, comment, cloud-2244298.jpg
African Entrepreneurship Org
Great Work
What a pleasure having you guys assist with our AV requirements in our auditorium. Thanks so much - appreciated.
bubble, comment, cloud-2244298.jpg
I.T Manager
Online Retailer
Super Competent

Planning an Online Meeting?

Don’t stress – we can help. We will manage all the technical aspects of your online call from planning and testing through to the final live event.