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This is what we do, for ourselves and for you. Our success rate is true from the old to the new be it for many or a few.


Hybrid Events

We specialise in hybrid events which is a collaboration meeting that combines a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component.


Live Streaming

A live stream of an event is an internet broadcast of it while it is happening. To live stream we use professional software that allows users to switch inputs, mix audio, record outputs, and live stream cameras, videos files, audio, and more, in resolutions of up to 4K.


Audiovisual Hire

We provide professional audio visual equipment for hybrid meetings, live streams and in person conferences. These include wireless microphones, speakers, cameras etc.

Our Process



  • Clarify event requirements
  • Identify hardware requirements
  • Choose virtual platform
  • Venue assessment


  • Proposed technical solution
  • Official quotation

Test Call

  • Client accepts quote
  • Payment is processed
  • Test call and dry run

Live Event

  • Deployment, setup and configuring of live event requirements
  • Connect participants
  • Go Live!

Corporate Audiovisual Products

Electronic media devices and equipment that includes both an audio (sound) and a video (visual) component.
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Anna Patricia

Manager of Finance Consultant

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John Allison
CEO of Manufacture Company
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Alicia Potter
Graphic Designer
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Edward B. Suarez
Song Writer

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