About Us

Professional Hybrid Events Management

Varista was founded in 2009, and has been providing professional video calls in offices, boardrooms and event spaces to the public ever since. Located in Cape Town, Varista works with South Africa’s leading venues and expert technical crews to deliver world class collaboration experiences.

About Our Name

Varista is anglicised from an Indian Sanskrit word – variSTha which means “The Most Excellent” or “The Very Best“.

Our Core Values

To pursue excellence in everything we do with our technology, venues and expertise.

Leading Technology

To provide high definition video and audio only the best equipment will do. The collaboration tech we use for our events is the same technology that we sell to our clients and use in our day to day business operations.

World Class Venues

Our venues provide the spaces, conference services and infrastructure we need. These are fully serviced locations for video conferencing, business meetings, hybrid events, workshops.

Expert technicians

Since we are a communications company its all about the people. Our technicians make the magic happen. They own every outcome and are always up for a challenge, that's why we only work with the best.

Our Mission

We are a specialist communications company in the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry that provides affordable, professional and customised access to cutting edge online meeting technologies for everyone.

Our Vision

To connect people who are separated by location in a way that builds and sustains meaningful relationships. To hear a hello and see the smile!

Clients and Testimonials

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We have world class audio, video and related technologies for events of all sizes. Whether its in your office meeting room, a conference centre or hotel seminar room – we have you covered – with the best prices as well!