About Us

Professional Hybrid Events Management

In 2009, Reza Effendi established Varista, a company dedicated to delivering high quality video calls in various settings such as offices, boardrooms, and event spaces. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Varista collaborates with the country’s top venues and technical teams to create exceptional collaboration experiences for the public.
The name “Varista” is derived from the Indian Sanskrit word “variSTha,” which signifies “The Most Excellent” or “The Very Best,” and “ComTech,” which stands for Communication Technologies.

Our Core Values

  1. Pursuit of Excellence: Varista is committed to delivering exceptional results in every aspect of its business, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality services and products.
  2. Collaboration Solutions: Varista offers solutions to help individuals and businesses overcome collaboration challenges, enabling them to work together effectively and efficiently.
  3. Ease of Technology: Varista simplifies technology use by making it easy, effective, and enjoyable, allowing clients to focus on their core business activities and achieve their goals.

How We Pursue Excellence

Best Technology

Delivering top-notch call quality with superior technology. Our event tech, client solutions, and business operations all rely on the same high-quality equipment.

Leading Venues

Industry leading venues for all your collaboration needs. Video calls, meetings, hybrid events, workshops, and conferences, all under one roof.

Expert technicians

People-first communication. Expert technicians deliver exceptional results, taking ownership and embracing challenges to ensure success.

Our Mission

“Empowering global connectivity, we specialise in affordable, customised ICT solutions, offering cutting-edge online meeting technologies for seamless collaboration worldwide.”

Our Vision

To connect people who are separated by location in a way that builds and sustains meaningful relationships. To hear a hello and see the smile!

The Technology We Use Every Day